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New Project - Virtual Learning Environment

New Project - Workforce Development

Working with a private water company to help them develop their workforce.

The company is expanding and recognises the need to attract, develop and retain its future workforce, and that it is competing for skills it needs in a very competitive market.

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Working with Glasgow Clyde College to develop a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)  

The VLE will enable the college to deliver their Higher national Certificate and Personal Development Award courses over the Internet, giving them access to international markets.

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National Water Hygiene Water hygiene - start with the basics

Why National water Hygiene?

As its name suggests, the National Water Hygiene Scheme was developed to set a nationally recognised standard of competence for those individuals work on water restricted operations sites.

It focuses on giving individuals the awareness and knowledge that they need to minimise the risk of contaminating water supplies on which they are required to work.

Developed by EU Skills on behalf of Water UK it s recognised by water companies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland  and Wales.

For many water companies it is a mandatory requirement for direct labour and contractors and self lay organisations working on their system.

In short: no water hygiene card = no work

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to work on or near restricted operations sites:

What does it involve?

The core requirements are

Will it suit my people?

The delivery of courses and the awareness check are carefully tailored to respect the learning styles of the students.